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Issa Wrap Inspired Collection was birthed as a result of my love and passion for photography as well as my appreciation for fashion. I wanted to combine the two to showcase not only my work through photography, but also highlight the beauty of head wraps. The beauty that is exemplified through the visual of a woman in a head-wrap always leaves me in awe because there is so much culture that radiates through the different styles for everyday wear and fashion. Issa Wrap Inspired Collection is a creative and empowering brand built to serve as an “inspirational” platform for a diverse group of women. Our head wraps are uniquely crafted for EVERYONE. The beauty is that each wrap is inspired by an empowered woman; each wrap tells a signature story through its cut, color, pattern and stitching. When you wear our product I hope that you are inspired and filled with more confidence to recognize the beauty in yourself and to press through each day despite the adversities of life. 


Welcome to our inspirational journey!


- Yasmin Watts (CEO/Owner)

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