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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Inspired Pink Collection

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month Issa Wrap Inspired Collection is dedicating its Inspired Pink Collection to support the strong women who have been affected by Breast Cancer.

Many efforts have been made to draw awareness, fund research and support those battling breast cancer. A variety of events around the world are organized in October, including walks and runs, and the pink illumination of landmark buildings. This year Issa Wrap Inspired Collection will join the masses for the “Fight Against Breast Cancer”. Twenty-five percent of this month’s Inspired Pink Collection will be awarded to a fighter or survivor through a random drawing.

Know of someone who is a breast cancer survivor or battling breast cancer, send the fighter my way for an opportunity to be this year’s Inspired Pink Recipient. Each qualifying recipient must :

- Be a breast cancer fighter/survivor

- Submit General Inspired Pink Recipient Application

Together, lets be “More Than Pink”

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- Yasmin Watts

CEO/Founder Issa Wrap Inspired Collection

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